Ten people will be selected to live the fabulous trend setting eco lifestyle and

someone will win $100,000!

The Chance Of A Lifetime

Live In Luxury

If selected, you'll be flown to Los Angeles in 2024 to live in a beautiful, eco-friendly home for 30 days.

Experience Sustainability

Contestants will drive electric cars, visit eco-friendly resorts, go backstage at concerts, and more.

Delicious Meals

Enjoy plant-based, sustainable foods at world-renowned street carts to Michelin star restaurants.

Latest in Vegan Fashion

Wear and experience next-generation plant-based clothing and fashion.

Walk the red carpet

Meet and interview celebrities, designers, chefs, and more!

Want to WIN $100,000?

  • Entering the contest is free and open to everyone 21+ worldwide
  • We are seeking all kinds of people from different backgrounds so everyone has a chance.
  • Closing date to enter is December 15th.
  • On December 15th, 10,000 people will be randomly selected from all entries and be asked to submit a short video.
  • On January 15th, 2024, we will announce the ten winners who will be starring on Coast 64!
  • The ten winners will be flown to Los Angeles in the spring of 2024 to begin filming.
  • Enter for your chance to be one of the six people competing for $100,000! Click to register today.

Evotion Films

A production company filming various documentaries on animals and the environment over the past decade. The president, Gary Charbonneau, is an entrepreneur and a 26 year vegan.

One of Gary’s first films was Vancouver Aquarium Uncovered which educated the public on cetacean captivity. The aquarium brought forward a lawsuit trying to silence the documentary, however, two years later Evotion Films won.

The Medical Illusion, is another powerful film examining an outdated medical system which ignores new innovations to invest in the archaic practice of animal testing to understand human disease.
Evotion is now partnering with incredible people and companies to bring you Coast 64.

Chef Nina Curtis

Director of Culinary Wellness

Chef Nina Curtis is an award-winning plant-based chef with over two decades of experience that spans the globe. 

One of her crowning achievements was being invited as the first guest chef by First Lady Dr. Jill Biden to curate a historic plant-based menu for a White House State Dinner with over 400 guests in attendance.

Filming, Production & Distribution

Mood Studio based in California has been chosen as the production company to film Coast 64. A young & creative group that is perfect for an innovative new reality show. Coast 64 is excited and looking forward to working with Jonathan & Alec.

Distribution and networks will be announced soon.

Coast 64 Filming Seasons

Season 1
The first season will be filmed in Los Angeles.

Coast 64 season 2
10 new contestants will be selected for season two in New York City.

Coast 64 season 3
10 new contestants will be selected for season three in Miami.

Coast 64 season 4

Coming to a country near you!

Coast 64 will be expanding to Europe, Australia, Canada and other countries soon.

Advertisers & Partnerships

If you would like to advertise with Coast 64 or you’re interested in discussing a partnership/collaboration, we would like to hear from you. Email us at media@coast64.com.


The planned release for season one of Coast 64 is 2024. Distribution and networks will be announced soon.

Coast 64 was created by Evotion Films, a production company expanding into reality show programming and partnering with others who care about ethical and educational entertainment.

No but all expenses will be paid for the ten winners, accommodations, travelling, food, entertainment etc. which is why there is no payment, however, someone will win $100,000.00.

Anyone aged 21+ at the time of production from anywhere in the world.

Flights from international airports will be covered by the production.

10,000 participants from those who have signed up to participate will be randomly selected and asked to submit short videos. A panel will review each video to establish the best ten contestants for Coast 64. The closing date to enter is December 15th, 2023. December 15th, the initial 10,000 will be selected, and on January 15th, the 10 winners will be announced.

Simply click on register now.

Due to the high volume of entries and interest, we are unable to respond to all queries. Therefore, we’ve decided to inform everyone through email updates which you will receive once you’ve registered.