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Six people will be paid $100,000 to live the trend setting eco lifestyle!

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The chanGe of a lifetime

Six people will live in the following cities in beautiful eco homes, educating the world on a more conscious, ethical way of living, while having a great time!










Enter for your chance to be one of the six people earning $100,000.00. Simply provide us with the following information and we will be in touch.

Influencers, Advertisers, Partnership

If you're an influencer with over half a million followers, or if you would like to advertise or partner with us, we'd love to hear from you.

Planned release for 2024
At this time we are still discussing distribution possibilities.
Evotion Films is a production company expanding into reality show programming and partnering with others who care about ethical and educational entertainment.
Yes, the six individuals chosen will be paid $50,000 for two months in Los Angeles and $50,000 for New York. If the same six people are selected for the third season, they will be paid once again.
Anyone over 18 from anywhere in the world.
Flights and accommodations will be paid from any international airport to Los Angeles and return.
At the moment, there are too many entries to be able to respond to all questions, therefore, we have decided to keep everyone informed with updates.
5000 will be randomly selected and they will be asked to send in short videos. A panel will view each video to establish which six would be best for Coast 64.
The Closing date to enter is September 1st.
September 15th 5000 people will be selected.
October 30th the winners will be announced.